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Little Lee, Kyung, and Young Scott by Penguinqueen423 Little Lee, Kyung, and Young Scott by Penguinqueen423
I haven't made a profile for Kyung's oldest adoptive brother, Scott (right), but I'm going to include him in me and my friend's fanfic, Xfinity and Delight.  For reference, Kyung is the youngest, Lee is the middle child, and Scott is the oldest of the three.  Another thing I should mention is that Lee was actually a very tall child for his age, which is why he doesn't really look like a kindergartener like Kyung.  Also, Kyung's alopecia didn't start acting up until around the start of Elementary school, so in kindergarten she actually had all of her hair before most of it fell out in patches.

And now, story time:

Lee was raised by his biological mother, Shinju Ippiki, and had Pandabubba as his father-figure because his biological father had an "accident."  During a business trip around the Gresham area, Pandabubba dropped Lee off at the same daycare Kyung was attending at the time.  When Lee arrived, he didn't really speak to anyone besides the daycare workers, but then he spotted Kyung sitting alone just staring off into space.  At first, Lee mistook her for a doll; she generally wore a blank expression, and barely said a word.  Kyung didn't protest much when Lee picked her up and examined her, but whimpered slightly because her bone structure was still brittle and she was just recovering from a bad case of the chicken pox.

Even with her sudden mobility and responses, Lee was still somewhat convinced that she was a doll, and continued to hold and watch over her throughout the day, and even fed her with the utmost care.  At some point, one of the daycare workers tried to explain to Lee that Kyung wasn't a doll, but was unsuccessful as Lee brushed it off and continued to claim that she was his doll, and even nearly threw a fit when the daycare worker tried to separate them; by then, even Kyung was incredibly saddened whenever she wasn't with Lee.  Eventually, Pandabubba and Kyung's adoptive mother, Lynn arrived to take them home.  While Pandabubba brushed off the daycare worker's warning that the two children would absolutely detest being separated, Kyung's mother was already trying to convince Kyung that she had to leave Lee and go home.  It seemed like no matter what Pandabubba or Lynn did, Lee just wouldn't let go of Kyung, and even Kyung was reluctant to go without Lee after they'd developed such a strong bond already.

When Lynn and Pandabubba were finally successful in parting the duo, Lee pouted and sulked deeply being the spoiled yet disciplined child he was.

"I wanted her," Lee huffed, continuing to stare at Kyung as her mother started leading her to the exit of the daycare.

Sighing, Pandabubba thought hard for a moment.  What was he going to do? Kyung wasn't a toy, yet both seemed so persistent to stay together like Raggedy Ann and Andy.  Presuming that it might've been the last time he had to do business in the Gresham area, Pandabubba stopped Kyung's mother on the way out the door, and requested to talk with her while granting Lee permission to be with Kyung while they talked.  Through Lynn's highly stubborn and protective behavior, Pandabubba noticed how tired she looked, and recalled how sickly Kyung appeared to be.  After getting Lynn to admit that she and her husband were struggling to pay off Kyung's hospital and medical bills, Pandabubba proposed to offer financial assistance in exchange for legal guardianship over Kyung.

At first the proposition seemed to agitate Kyung's mother, and made her question how it would get their children to let go of each other.  After a bit more thorough adjustments, Pandabubba proposed that in exchange for guardianship, he would not only help Kyung's parents financially and allow Kyung to still live with Lynn, but would also pay for Lee to visit Kyung in Gresham, or for Kyung to visit Lee in Hong Kong at the most convenience, and would even allow Kyung to stay with Lee until her parents wanted her back.  Pandabubba confirmed that Lynn still had complete custody of her biological son, Scott, and the deal was struck.  Once the two parents returned to their kids, Pandabubba and Lynn assured them that they'll see each other again; Pandabubba informed Lee about the deal, but Lynn decided to keep it a secret from Kyung until she was more mature and mentally stable, but informed her son Scott about the slight changes since he was older than Kyung.

Xiaolin Showdown and Chronicles (c) Christy Hui
Kyung and Scott (c) Me
Lee (c) :iconshortcakeandteacup:
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MugenXCrownClown Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Rather enjoyable. 
Penguinqueen423 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Glad you think so. ^^
bluebarnowl Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Student Writer
What a sweet, yet weird story.

but weird.

I should've thought of something like that with my OC!
Penguinqueen423 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It really was weird, and pretty freaking hilarious when my friend and I discussed it. :XD:
bluebarnowl Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Student Writer
I know kids are impressionable, but that was just pure imagination!
Penguinqueen423 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Certainly was. :rofl:
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