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December 15, 2012
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You woke up after a wonderful night of sleep, sitting up from the warm covers of the bed you and your husband Ludwig shared.  As you rubbed away the left over sleep from the corners of your (e/c) eyes, you looked over to see that Ludwig was still out cold beside you.  Ludwig looked so peaceful when he slept; save for the fact that you predicted he had a bit of a hangover since he didn't return home until late, and you had to actually drag him up to bed after he literally collapsed on the couch.  With the upmost caution, you slowly crept out of bed without waking the snoozing German, sighing in relief as you silently made your way to the bathroom.  Making sure that the bathroom door wasn't going to click loudly, you gingerly turned the knob in order to keep the sound low as you entered the well-cleaned lavatory.

After changing out of your pajamas and taking a good shower, you dried your (h/l)(h/c) hair before wrapping a towel around yourself to dry off.  As you combed out your hair to make sure it didn't get messy looking after it completely dried, an idea popped into your head.  You recalled your last Halloween costume, a white button-up sexy nurse dress that stopped at your thighs with white long stockings, hat, stethoscope, and (f/c) high-heeled shoes.  You reentered the bedroom stealthily to retrieve all that you needed from the closet; eying Ludwig's secret box that he kept next to similar looking shoeboxes.  You already knew what was contained within the black box, you found out a long while ago when you first moved into Ludwig's home, he even trusted you enough to be honest about his fetishes.

Gingerly removing the lid, you swiped a two pairs of red furry handcuffs in case; you also didn't want to use regular handcuffs because they caused quite a bit of bruising.  With a wide and giddy grin, you changed into your outfit in the bathroom before sneaking down to the kitchen for the next part of your plan.

"Ach, mein Kopf tut mur," Ludwig grumbled, wincing at the ache in his temples that ailed him due to his hangover.

"Mr. Beilschmidt, it's time for your breakfast," you addressed to him through the door, smiling as Ludwig's chilling blue eyes focused right on you even before he could register what was going on.

Walking over to his side of the bed, you leaned down to set a tray with a plate of eggs, wurst, and fried potatoes with a mug of black coffee down on his lap.  Ludwig gave you an exhausted smile in gratitude, happily eating the meal you cooked for him as you left the room to get his "prescription."

"Be sure to take these after you're done eating and drinking," you instructed while setting down a tiny shot glass of (f/f) Tic-Tacs on the tray, "then afterwards I'll be giving you a shower before examination."

Ludwig nearly spat out his coffee when you said the last two things, his whole face turning a bright siren red at the thought.  Before he could object to your orders, you were already strutting towards the bathroom; swinging your hips slightly with each step as your German husband's eyes followed your every flirtatious movement until you disappeared into the other room.  You couldn't help but giggle from Ludwig's reaction, and wasted no time in starting the water for the two of you.  Luckily, the German didn't take too long to finish his breakfast and the Tic-Tacs; the small grin on your lips widening once you heard Ludwig's footsteps coming through the doorway.

"Right this way, Mr. Beilschmidt," you escorted with a cheerful tone, "the water's all warmed up for you."

"D-Danke…" he replied, his blush now dying down to a rosy pink color along his nose and cheeks.

Once Ludwig stepped into the shower, you quickly stripped out of your costume to join him under the running hot water.  

"Allow me," you suggested calmly, and took the shampoo bottle out of his hand before he had a chance to squeeze the soap out onto his palm.

With about a nickel-sized amount in your hand, you began lathering the gooey substance into Ludwig's pure blonde hair, massaging his scalp and behind his ears as the soap turned into fluffy foam.  Ludwig let out a sigh in approval, especially when you playfully tugged the hairs on the back of his head, scratching it just a tad in a soothing manner.  After rinsing off the shampoo, you reached out from behind Ludwig to grab the shower gel and body scrubber.  Ludwig immediately tensed up as he felt your breasts squish against his bare back, causing his complexion to turn a scarlet shade while you squeezed the gel onto the scrubber.

"A-Are you sure that I can't just do this myself, (Name)?" Ludwig asked nervously, stifling a low moan as you began scrubbing his chest.

"Just stand still," you assured him, trying not to giggle from playing coy this whole time, "and remember, hands off~"

Ludwig frowned at this restriction, but reluctantly allowed you to continue washing him without complaint.  He could only bite his lower lip as you thoroughly cleansed every inch of his muscular body, letting out a muffled groan when you scrubbed his lower regions.  It was when you actually decided to pinch his tight ass he actually seemed a bit defiant at the no touch rule, initially jumping a little and his blush glowing brighter in embarrassment while you couldn't help but laugh.  Finally once you were done rinsing him off, you got out of the shower as the water was shut off, and retrieved a towel for the both of you.  

"When you are all done drying off, don't get dressed, and please wait on the bed," you advised after getting dressed back into your costume, "I will be with you shortly."

And with that, you exited the bathroom to give Ludwig some privacy.  While your husband was busy drying himself off, you took the empty tray down to the kitchen before returning to the bedroom to retrieve a cock ring that you had bought just for him from Ludwig's secret box.  Placing the stethoscope around your neck, you quickly washed the cock ring in one of the other bathrooms within the house, and came back to find Ludwig waiting patiently for you in the middle of the king sized bed you shared with him.  Your (e/c) irises gawked longingly down from your German husband's still somewhat wet blonde hair that remained unfixed even after the shower, his lustfully half-lidded vibrant yet algid cerulean eyes that seemed to gaze right into your heart and soul, to every feature of his built, robust body sprawled over the sheets.

"Ready for your examination, Mr. Beilschmidt?" You asked alluringly with a devious smirk.

An excited chill ran down Ludwig's spine, and his anticipation increased each step you took towards where he laid waiting.  

"First, I will need to check your heart rate," you informed to him while you climbed onto the bed and straddled his waist.

Once you had properly put the two ear tips into your ears, you pressed the diaphragm over Ludwig's heart.  Keeping the chest piece steady, you leaned down until you were nose to nose with your German man.  You could already hear the beating of Ludwig's heart speed up even before you kissed him, your smirk widening during the lip lock after he let out a displeased grunt when you kept pushing his hands away every time they tried to take a hold of your hips or even stroke your thigh.

"No, Mr. Beilschmidt," you tsked down to him, "remember the no touching rule~"

Snatching the two pairs of furry handcuffs from the nearest nightstand, you reached over Ludwig and restrained both of his hands to the bedposts; his heartbeat becoming brisk due to the fact that you had his face buried in your cleavage.  With his hands now immobilized, you continued with the procedure.  Once again pressing the chest piece over his beating heart, you resumed passionately kissing Ludwig as your free hand caressed each solid bulk of his exposed planes that you could reach.  His heart pounded at an accelerated pace from your fondling and loving lips, you could even tell he was enjoying the treatment from his flushed face and the way he arched his back with a content purr.  You traced his lips with your tongue, Ludwig's own slick muscle meeting yours in response without any hesitation.  

You loved how you and your husband's lips fit together like two puzzle pieces, an elated moan rumbling Ludwig's chest and tickling against your mouth.  You teasingly brushed your soft lips against his earlobe, all the way down from his jaw to his neck and collar where you nibbled along the bone.  Ludwig's eyes fluttered shut in bliss, huffing out in short and shallow breaths due to his heart feeling like it was about to burst out of his chest as you stopped to bite and lick his tense neck.

"It looks like you're ready for me to check your pulse," you noted in a rather sultry tone.

Feeling the warmth of your presence leave him, Ludwig frowned with an impatient groan as you got off of the bed to retrieve something; his hazy eyes now open and his breathing ragged.  The snap of your rubber gloves that you had pulled over your nimble hands made Ludwig twitch under his restraints, and look up to meet your mischievous gaze.  Seductively climbing back onto the bed in a feline-like fashion, you sat on your knees before Ludwig's progressively hardening wood; bottle of lube, and cock ring in hand.  Squirting a fair amount of lube into your palm, you began to stroke his thick length before carefully sliding on the fluorescently colored rubber "accessory;" Ludwig throwing his head back against the soft pillows as a hiss escaped through his clenched teeth while his toes curled in pleasure.

"Are you feeling any pain, Mr. Beilschmidt?" You asked concernedly, worried that the cock ring you chose was too small.

"N-Nein," Ludwig breathlessly replied, "It's just really snug."

"Just let me know if it starts to hurt," you told him, and received a confirming nod from Ludwig to continue.

Once the ring was at the base of his shaft, you fastidiously got the cock ring around his entire member and jewels.  You glanced up to see your German husband panting heavily with a bright red flush, and his eyes closed in dazing elation.  At this time, his member stood fully erect, throbbing as well as dripping with clear liquid from the small hole atop of the tip.  With both of your gloved hands lubricated, you tantalizingly traced your fingertip up and down along his sensitive vein.  Ludwig bucked his hips into your hand, wanting you to keep touching him as he writhed under you.

Wrapping both of your hands around his hard on, you started pumping him in your firm grip.  His breath hitched for a moment, choking on a moan as his began to see stars; the desire for you building up every second he struggled against his restraints, and with each stroke Ludwig desperately ached to reach his peek.  Deeming that he had gone through enough torture, you removed the cock ring and gloves before once again straddling his chiseled torso.  You couldn't help but feel so accomplished as your (e/c) irises analyzed Ludwig's state, his lustfully glazed azure eyes giving you a pleading look which made you grin widely in triumph.

"You've been a very cooperative patient, Mr. Beilschmidt," you praised. "Now, you get a special reward."

You reached over to the nightstand once again, this time removing a condom from the drawer, making sure to place it correctly over his erection.  Carefully, you positioned yourself over his pulsing arousal after simply removing your (f/c) lace panties, and lowered down until he was completely sheathed within your walls.  Both of you letting out a long moan as a feeling of euphoria washed over your heated bodies when he completely filled your womanhood, your hips grinding together intimately in a raw frenzy.  Ludwig's hips bucked while you kept bouncing down onto his member, riding him harder and faster so that he was embedded deeper inside your core.

Your orgasmic screams and moans encouraged Ludwig to vigorously thrust, growling your name in ecstasy while you called back in the fiery passion.  It was as if the entire world around you and your German man faded away, your minds becoming fuzzy like channel static as you felt rapture closing in.  You made the most of what you had left, and rode him harder with all that you could muster before you let out a final scream as you came with him; the oh so sweet electrifying shock of orgasm flowing through you and Ludwig, causing you to tremble and relax your clenched muscles.  You remembered to grab the keys from the nightstand on Ludwig's side of the bed, and staggeringly managed to unlock the handcuffs without dropping the keys.  In practically a split second once Ludwig was freed from his restraints, you were pinned under him; the feeling of his sinfully hungry irises boring into your smaller form making you shiver.  

"I'm not done with you yet, liebe," he growled with a naughty smirk. "Let's see just how much stamina you have in that delicious body of yours," Ludwig heartily chuckled as he licked his lips, "ready?"

"Try to keep up," you answered boldly with a playful giggle.

Thank the lord it was Saturday, you probably wouldn't even be able to walk the next morning.
Whelp, here's yet another Germanyxreader lemon. Hope y'all like it, and I sure as hell hope that my research is paying off in writing these things. Seriously, I've been watching documentaries, and even have been reading up on the human reproductive system for the past few months; it darn well better be working!

...Have fun with that.
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